Your Complete Benefits Management Plan for 2020

There are many successful entrepreneurs out there but what really determines the success of an entrepreneur? Is it only the profit, the market worth, or the number of years in business? In a real world, the success of an entrepreneur can also be determined by the impact they have on their employees’ lives. And it isn’t just about the benefits, it is also about how entrepreneurs can shape the lives of the people who work for them.

Positive employee experiences can serve in attracting talented individuals at the time of recruitment. So how to give an employee a positive employee experience by shaping rewards and benefits (such as access to a student loan forgiveness directory) worthy enough to matter? Below is a list of basics.

Benefit Management Plan 2020-What Should It Include?

Find out what is it that makes a difference in the life of an employee? Is it always a hefty amount in the salary section? Or is it some other form of incentive and reward that works.

In 2015 the Annals of Internal Medicine discovered some real evidence on how the 9 to 5 work life deteriorates an American employee’s health. The discoveries were shocking as employment has always been considered the epitome of productivity for any human being. The study revealed how from cardiovascular diseases to Type-2 Diabetes were common among such workers.

It can pile up on employers in a burdensome manner if employees start getting sick and fall into a prolonged illness. It will certainly lead to added healthcare costs, decrease in morale and decline productivity. Fortunately some employers have found answers to this trivia for their employees.

A lot of people after getting retired fear what will happen if they fall sick? That’s the trick question for us all isn’t it? But not having enough to pay for medical expenses and paying for it from your salary can hurt ever more. A person works all month tirelessly only to find he had to pay medical bills from all of it. There goes motivation down the hospital hallway. Therefore, wellness programs are now gaining popularity among workers as a motivating benefit. Some employers offer a simple program with one time screenings while others work to provide a full-fledged health initiative. There’s an array to choose from depending upon the requirements of every organization.

Perks at the Office

Initially perceived as a concept of maintaining work and life balance has now been transformed into the concept of work-life integration.

With this new approach, another notion that has gained popularity for the millennial in workplaces is to just be your true self. There is no harm in showing who you are and what your thoughts reflect, however, pretending to be someone who you are not is an idea which may not be appreciated anymore. This promotes the idea that an office should be a place where employees enjoy, it should not be a place where employees are in constant stress. Why is that so? Because if people have to spend most of their time in a place it should be a place they really want to be in.

Reduced cost of drugs

Though it’s not hidden fact but one of the most sought after benefits by any employee is healthcare. That is because every American is burdened by the pain and frustration of medical bills. Changes in climate have led to many illnesses being continued throughout the seasons, while not have medical for immediate family also scares many of them to start one of their own.

Experiences- A Greater Reward than We Think

Not always is the present a pleasant time for all of us and therefore, memories and experiences are what almost all of us lead our lives by. It may not be possible for all our experiences and memories to be sweet but some experiences are life-changing. For example the first time someone dives into the depths of the ocean, or getting free tickets to the concert you have been longing to go to since long. Experiential rewarding is exactly what is missing out from the list of many employers.

We tie people through experiences, it is basically the time we spend with them, or because of them that doesn’t let us take the leap and choose someone else over them. Providing experiential rewarding as part of perks and benefits is something employees will never forget.

Quite a few programs have been introduced under the roof of experiential rewarding, one of them is the Wishlist. Wishlist is where employees receive anything from a coffee subscription to a spa visit. These are just little ways of the employers to tell their employees that their hard work is noticed.


Benefits makes employees feel valued. It reminds them how they are appreciated for their efforts and loyalty. Employers should always consider cost-effective benefits to put in the efforts for employee engagement for a longer period in their organization.