Which Benefits Increase Employee Engagement the Most?

In an ideal scenario, we would all jump out of bed in the morning to rush to our workplaces, grinning ear-to-ear. We would be excited to start our days and interact with our colleagues. All this might sound believable if this was a TV series. The unfortunate reality is that none of this feels believable in the present. Employees wake up contemplating why they need this job, and reach office thinking if they need to find a better job soon. 

The Gallop Poll revealed that more than 60 percent employees in an organization are demotivated to work, this results in only one-third of the employees in a work force contributing to productivity. As a consequence of employee disengagement and demotivation organizations lose around a billion dollars in a year.

Factors that Results In Employee Disengagement

The reasons for employees being disengaged and demotivated can be different for each organization but it mostly arises from:

  • Being paid less and having little to no benefits and compensation being offered by the organization.
  • On average a person spend a good amount of their life in the office, not having good working conditions both physical, and mental can put way too much strain on the employees.
  • Research has shown that highly qualified and skilled individuals suddenly start down performing when constantly assigned tasks that are neither meaningful nor rewarding.
  • A negative corporate culture or poor management is said to be one of the top causes of employees getting disengaged and eventually leaving the organization.

How to Reverse The Process Of Disengagement In Employees?

Just like when a car runs out of fuel, you don’t stop driving it; you re-fuel it so it can start functioning again, employee disengagement can be turned into engagement by providing incentives and rewards. There are ways to regain a healthy, happy and productive work force. And the focus is beyond monetary benefits. Companies can implement programs that reduce employee tension and enable effective management practices. The approach as the Towers and Watson report suggests should be towards attaining a sustainable engagement if an organization aims to achieve long term results.

Listed below is a glimpse of incentives and benefits for employees that can increase employee engagement and at the same time productivity of an organization:

Ownership and Association

No one intentionally hurts their own business. When employees will have a sense of association, ownership, and rewards connected to the place they work at, they will be motivated to reach the office, and get to work right away. Giving them ownership of stock or sharing the profit with them makes them feel trusted, and an integral part of the organization.

Employee Personal Growth Plan

At the end of the day every employee is a separate entity. They won’t look at themselves from the lens of the employer always. They would want to evaluate where they stand, and how much they have grown as a candidate. An ongoing training and development program which is inclusive and doesn’t become a burden on some, while benefitting all is essential for giving employees a boost. Initially training was something only big organizations could afford, it required time, money and being absent from work for learning purposes. With the advent of online learning, training and development have become accessible, affordable, and employees can now be trained at their own pace.

Paid and Un-Paid Leaves

Everyone deserves a break. Even the best of employees need to take some time off to remain productive. To promote a healthy and happy environment at work, organizations should support this approach and let employees have some time off work. Many a times organizations get involved and provide their employees travel discounts, take them on outings and even give work vacations.

Retirement Plan

The one thing every person works throughout their life for is a secure retirement. Many a times people stay on jobs and don’t switch to pursue their dreams is because they don’t want to end up not having savings for retirement. A great incentive in the form of a retirement plan is to add 50 cents, for each dollar, the employee contributes, for their retirement plan.

Health Program

Many employees sit on their desks dawn to dusk. A successful organization cannot run without a healthy employee. With time employers have realized how critical the wellness and health of an employee is for the organization. To motivate employees to pursue a healthy life style, seminars on health and wellness can be conducted. Organizations can also set up health fairs and keep more healthy options in cafeterias and tea rooms.


Above mentioned benefits can prove to be effective in terms of incentives to get improve employee experience and increase workplace happiness. Little efforts by the organization can foster great results in the long run.